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EV-lithium Material Development and Utilization

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EV-lithium Material Development and Utilization

Sinomine is a leading enterprise in the lithium battery renewable energy raw materials industry, specializing in the development and utilization of these materials. We are an integrated "mining, dressing, and smelting" enterprise that covers the entire spectrum of hard rock lithium ore development, lithium concentrate processing, and the production and sales of lithium compounds. As one of the key players in the establishment of national industry standards for multiple products, including battery-grade lithium fluoride, our product portfolio primarily comprises battery-grade lithium hydroxide, battery-grade lithium carbonate, and battery-grade lithium fluoride. These products serve as essential raw materials for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. With a strong foundation in advanced processing technology and industry-leading expertise, our lithium fluoride products have gained a stellar reputation in the market for their high quality and consistent performance. As a result, we maintain a significant market share and have successfully integrated into Tesla's supply chain system.

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