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About Usin to sinomine


While promoting its own development, Sinomine has always been mindful of society. It fulfills its corporate social responsibility through initiatives in education, scientific research, child health, elder care, and charity associations. Overseas subsidiaries also emphasize local social welfare, actively giving back to society, and promoting Sinomine's "people-oriented, green development" corporate philosophy. Sinomine has established a positive national and corporate image abroad.

Sinomine has made significant contributions to society through various charitable initiatives, including: 

- Establishing a 5.2 million RMB "Sinomine Geological Engineering Scholarship" at Central South University

- Donating 600,000 RMB to the Peking University Education Foundation

- Donating 600,000 RMB to the Jiangxi Xinyu Charity Association

- Investing 500,000 RMB in the Huamuli New Rural Demonstration Base in Xinyu High-Tech Zone

- Donating 200,000 RMB to the Shanghai Charity Foundation

- Donating 200,000 RMB worth of teaching materials to the Graduate School of the Ministry of Commerce

- Donating 300,000 RMB to the Gao'an City Red Cross Society

- Donating 100,000 RMB to the Xinyu City Red Cross Society

- Establishing a long-term care program for elderly residents at the Yiyang Home for the Elderly

- Initiating a "Skill and Education Enhancement Program" for technical workers


Additionally, Sinomine has: 

- Built four schools in Zambia and donated 200 computers and televisions

- Constructed water facilities for local residents in Zimbabwe

- Provided regular nutritional supplements and support to impoverished students at eight primary schools in Zimbabwe

- Built roads, bus stops, optimized power systems, and constructed schools, dormitories, clinics, and municipal office accommodations in Zimbabwe

- Sponsored community activities and supported local indigenous people in Canada.