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About Usin to sinomine


We actively reserve rare light metal mineral resources, focus on the layout of lithium battery materials and cesium & rubidium materials industries, improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain, continue developing the oversea geological exploration, mineral rights investment and rare light metal resources. Meanwhile, in the field of rare light metal resources (cesium, rubidium, beryllium, etc.), Sinomine has been expanding the market, developing the high value-added products, and maintaining the world's leading position of cesium resources and market share of cesium & rubidium products . As for the production and supply of new materials for lithium batteries, Sinomine is determined to realize self-sufficiency in lithium mineral resources, continue to expand the production capacity of raw materials to become the leading position in China. 

Furthermore, we will continue to maintain our leading position in the Geotechnical services and strive to become a world-class geo-tech service company. We will promote the cooperation on mineral rights development and contribute to the long-term growth.