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International Engineering Department


International Engineering Department


        Sinomine International Engineering Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as Sinomine International) consists of Sinomine International (Zambia) Engineering Company Ltd., and Sinomine International (DRC) Engineering Company Ltd.Following the privileged pathway of expanding aboard for China Non-ferrous Industry, Sinomine International is dedicated to be a world leading general contractor. Sinomine International always hold the development strategy that is"with a strong financing capacity, we will provide a complete set of optimum business solution to our valued customers and become leading in the EPC projects contracting which in return boost up the upstream and downstream industries." Our main business scope include but not limited to international engineering project contracting, project financing and investment, as well as foreign trade. Today, we have grown up to an integrated supplier and powerful contractor that has the capacity to implement several key capital EPC projects at the same time.

        Sinomine International has obtained various qualifications in China and other countries for oversea projects contracting,general building and housing works, general road and earthwork works, general electrical and communication works,civil engineering works, geological survey, geo-technical investigation, etc. We are experienced in project engineering in all aspects and has maintained good performance. Sinomine International is listed among the top 100 China International Contractors.

        Sinomine International has spreads its operations and branches across many countries around the world, like Zambia,Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania,Uganda, DR Congo, Guinea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Jordan,Iraq,' Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Ghana, Hong Kong, etc. We are able to promptly clients' requests in the aforesaid countries and regions.