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Sinomine Rock & Mineral Analysis (Tianjin) Co, Ltd


Sinomine Rock & Mineral Analysis (Tianjin) Co, Ltd.


        Established in 2012, Sinomine Rock & Mineral Analysis (Tianjin) Co,Ltd. is jointly held by Sinomine and Tianjin Huakan Nuclear Industry Resources Exploration and Development Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive third-party authoritative testing organization integrated with R&D, testing, and technical consulting. It is advanced in technical research and development and has a professional team. Also it is a national soil test laboratory and high-tech enterprise.

        The company's main business includes: environmental testing and monitoring, geological and mineral product testing, multi-target geochemical sample testing (52 elements), radioactivity testing, import and export commodity testing, trace element testing, microbial testing, etc. The company has been certified as qualified testing agency (CMA), national laboratory accreditation qualification certificate (CNAS), ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, geological survey grade A qualification certificate, National High-tech Enterprise, Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise Certificate, Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Qualification Certificate, Tianjin High-tech SME Qualification Certificate, etc. There are more than 70 professional technicians in the company, including 15 senior engineers, 30 engineers, 15 graduate students, and 45 university graduate. The registered capital is 15 million yuan. The Company owns 4,700 square meters testing center in Tianjin and over 300 sets of various high-precision large-scale equipment.

     Since its establishment, the Company has been adhering to the principle of "Scientific approach, Accuracy, Efficiency, Improvement, and Integrity", providing customers with the highest quality and most comprehensive testing services. In addition to vigorously developing the main business, the Company is detrmined to constantly upgrade and expand to many fields. Relying on the location advantages, and with a new modern enterprise management model, the Company will strive to become a world-class third-party authoritative testing organization.