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Geo-tech Services Department


Beijing Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd.


        Beijing Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd., is the fully owned subsidiary of Sinomine Group. It is responsible for carrying out all the geo-technical service for Sinomine Group. It has been certified as Class A in various sectors by the National Land and resources.

     The company has a strong technical team, advanced equipment, and standardized management system. It is a leading enterprise in the commercial geological survey in China and is among the first enterprises to go overseas. It is capable to simultaneously undertake several oversea large-scale exploration projects. The business are located in over 20 countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC Congo, Uganda, Japan, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Albania, Canada, etc. The annual income of overseas services exceeded 300 million RMB. The company has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo (Kinshasa), Uganda, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. With advanced technology, premium service and dedication, it has enjoyed a good reputation in the international geological exploration.

      It has successfully completed several influential oversea geo-technical service projects, like the first successful “Going-out” project—Chambishi Copper Main Deposit Geological Exploration Project in Zambia, the West Ore Segment Geological Exploration and Southeast Ore Segment Geological Exploration; the landmark for Sino-Pakistan friendship—Duddar Lead and Zinc Deposit Geological Exploration Project and Sandak Copper Deposit Geological Exploration Project; the solid mineral exploration with largest investment in southern pacific ocean—Geological Exploration during Mine Construction for Nickel and Cobalt Deposit in Papua New Guinea; the un-developed super-large copper deposit in Afghanistan—Geological Exploration, Supplementary Exploration and Verification on Aynak Copper Deposit; Super-large Bauxite Deposition Exploration Project—Paksong Bauxite Deposit Exploration in Laos. Sinomine has the capability of taking a dozen large international geological exploration projects at a time. It also has provides resource evaluation on several international financing projects, which not only reduced the risks in resource investment but also served as basis for decision making. 

   The company is familiar with national and international geological exploration standards and specifications. Following the principles of transparency, substantiveness and competence, we have provided clients with hundreds of geological reports in compliance of domestic and international standards. The overseas resources discovered and evaluated by the company exceed 400 million tons of iron, 230 million tons of bauxite, 33 million tons of copper, 5 million tons of nickel, 8 million tons of chromium, 280 thousand tons of cobalt, 3.2 million tons of lead and zinc, 1000 tons of platinum and palladium, 600 tons of gold and 1.9 billion tons of coal, with a potential economic value of more than Five trillion yuan.