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Sinomine Overseas Geotech Services (Tianjin) Co.,


Sinomine Overseas Geotech Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.


     Sinomine Overseas Geo-tech Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinomine. The main business covers international freight forwarding, warehousing services, international trade and ore trading etc.

      The company is experienced in freight forwarding and has a professional team. It can provide complete logistics solutions, including international shipping, international air transportation, and international multimodal transportation, agency booking, chartering, warehousing, customs declaration, inspection, and consolidation, Engineering project logistics and other related logistics services. The international multimodal transport in southeastern Africa is one of our company's core strength. The company has subsidiaries in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through its service network in southeastern Africa, it can provide a variety of integrated international multimodal transport services, like container FCL, LCL, special container business, bulk cargo, etc.

The company has its own modern warehouses and open-air storage yards in the Textile Economic Zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area. The warehouse area is 35,485 square meters, and the open-air storage area of 6,005 square meters. It can provide a series of comprehensive logistics operation services and value-added services such as storage, loading and unloading, packaging, boxing, reinforcement, lashing, and measurement.

   The company's international trade business provides customers with the following high-quality equipment: excavators, down-the-hole drilling rigs, skid transfer machines, forklifts, trucks, special vehicles, semi-trailers, and mine drilling equipment and mining equipment.