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Sinomine Tanco’s Technical Renovation& Restoration for Spodumene Processing System Officially Put into Operation in Canada



In Oct 15th 2021, the technical renovation and restoration for spodumene processing system of Sinomines Tanco (Tanco) mine in Canada officially put into operation (002738).

The spodumene mining and processing activities started in 1987 to 2009. Based on the evaluation report, currently there are 4.6028million tons of proved spodumene resources (Li2O1%), average Li2O@2.44%, or 112,200 tons of Li2O, which is highly economical.

As well as to seize the opportunities of lithium surging market, Sinomine decided to renovate and restore the 400t/day spondumene processing system in early 2021 aiming to transforming the resources advantages into economic advantages. The detailed renovation strategies include 1. Equipment repair, update and upgrade of the mining system and processing system, 2. personnel recruitment and training, and 3. repair and improvement of supporting HSE facilities.

The team overcomes the tremendous difficulties resulting from the covid-19, protracting period of equipment and spare parts supply, heavy maintenance tasks, problems in recruiting skilled mining and technical workers, and complicated processing technique. All the administrative licensing procedures were completed in eight months and the new system was managed to be put into production on schedule. it is expected to produce 30,000t of  5.5% Li2O spodumene concentrate each year after the project reached production capacity.


 Mr. Wang Zhiwei, Vice GM visited the site


Worksite scene


Vibrating screen after refurbishment


Load test of ball mill system


Dense medium beneficiation system (DMS) load test


PLC control interface of products drying and packaging system


Load test of flotation system



Tailing of DMS


New underground rock drilling rig