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Sinomine Specialty Fluids wins gold at the UNIDO Chemical Leasing Awards






         Siv Howard of Sinomine (shown on screen) receives gold on behalf of the company in the 2021 UNIDO Chemical Leasing Awards.


The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) honoured Sinomine Specialty Fluids with gold at its chemical leasing awards in Vienna, Austria this month.

The gold award is for 20-plus years of research into perfecting the cesium formate brine reclamation process, and the resulting documentation and patents for its unique technology.

UNIDO Chemical Leasing Award jury member Thomas Jakl says: “Sinomine’s development and large-scale application of advanced reclamation technologies for formate fluids has made it possible to utilise chemical leasing in the upstream oil and gas industry at an unprecedented level. The innovative business model has set new standards and means a rare high-performance chemical, such as cesium formate brine, can be used economically in large volumes again and again, while reducing the environmental impact of operations.”

Sinomine also received special jury recognition as a ‘frontrunner’ in chemical leasing for “its long-standing commitment to the performance-based business model”.

Sustainable solution

Siv Howard, R&D Manager at Sinomine Specialty Fluids, accepted the award remotely on behalf of all employees. She says: “This award shows that our work to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model is recognised and valued by the wider industry. Hopefully, it can act as motivation for other oil and gas fluid service companies to apply the circular-economy business model to their operations as well.”


         Sinomine’s unique and patented reclamation technology at work in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Reclaiming high-quality cesium formate brine

Sinomine is the only chemical leasing company in the upstream oil and gas industry. The company has invested significantly in research into technology that removes additives and contaminants from drilling and completion fluids, and into practices that minimise losses, both downhole and throughout the complete rig-to-clean-brine reclamation process. This means that pure, high-quality cesium formate brine with densities up to 2.30 g/cm3 is reclaimed again and again for further use in well completion operations. This saves operators' time, cost and reduces risk by removing their responsibility for chemical disposal, as well as protecting a valuable resource for the future.


     Storage tanks for returned fluid in Aberdeen – Sinomine stores the used fluid before it passes through the reclamation process and clean, high-quality brine emerges.



UNIDO is the specialised agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalisation and environmental sustainability. It was established in 1966, represents all 170 member states and has a presence in over 60 countries.