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Congratulations to Dongpeng New Materials for the Successful Ignition and Operation of the 25,000t Battery-grade Lithium Hydroxide and Battery-grade Lithium Carbonate Production Lines



To Dongpeng Management Team and Staff,

    Today marked the completion and start of the new production plant. On behalf of Sinomine Group, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations and gratitude to everyone at Dngpeng. Thank you for your careful planning, innovation and diligence under heavy tasks and complex operating conditions. Thank you for your excellent performance and consistent safety awareness by implementing safety responsibilities at all levels and establishing a good corporate image for the public. We also thank you for your hard work, dedication, loyalty and dedication, which not only made extraordinary contributions to the Group but also set an example for other subsidiaries.

    The new plant construction project is a masterpiece of both Group and Dongpeng New Materials to accurately grasp the trend of the industry and adapt to the development of the era. It is the outcome of years of concentrated operation and technological innovation of Dongpeng headed by Chairman Mr. Sun Meichun. It also marked a solid step towards a milestone in the lithium battery energy industry, which will definitely bring and drive the Group to achieve leap-forward development. Our future can be expected!

    We hope that you will continue to maintain and carry forward the down-to-earth, and pragmatic work style, meticulously coordinate, scientifically schedule production, pay close attention to quality, ensure safety and achieve production goals as soon as possible. We wish you all good health, smooth work, and happy family.


Sinomine Resource Group Co.,

Aug 19th 2021